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oh hey, it’s MDLP again… so you’re getting ready to hit the gym.. it’s time.. it’s not your first time at the gym but you know you pushed back an episode of Stranger Things and some facebook likes to hit the iron.. getting to the gym takes a process but what do you do when you get there? what do you bring? what’s your mentality? now to everyday meatheads this might seem like a no brainer ( and that’s where we can get complacent) but to the average lifter or even those with long days.. we kind of drift off… so lets establish some short, simple rules, guidelines and maybe some suggestions on what to do.. of course these are my opinions, which probably makes them dead on… so here we go! yaaay:

  1. Have a plan, goal or mindset for the day. Don’t walk in aimlessly .. have your program ready and a particular goal.. whether it’s a PR, or volume or to punish your legs.. have an idea or you’re just in the way.. that means leaving your bullshit at the door…
  2. Have your equipment ready… belts, wraps, straps etc.. if you’re green its ok to borrow some stuff but not having your own gear can really throw off a heavy lifting day
  3. BE READY! .. that doesn’t mean eating shit on the foam roller and rolling out body parts you’re not going to use.. have specific warm ups for that particular movement ready on paper or in your head.. be smart, don’t waste energy and show attitude with intent to work hard!… nothing worse than a lazy slug of a human rolling around needless muscles for “blood flow”

these are 3 very easy tasks to apply to an everyday lift… keep your ideas and goals simple and it will allow for a great start to training… hope this helps




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