Aug 2016 10

oh hey, it’s MDLP again… so you’re getting ready to hit the gym.. it’s time.. it’s not your first time at the gym but you know you pushed back an episode of Stranger Things and some facebook likes to hit the iron.. getting to the gym takes a process but what do you do when you get there? what do you bring? what’s your mentality? now to everyday meatheads this might seem like a no brainer ( and that’s where we can get complacent) but to the average lifter or even those with long days.. we kind of drift off… so lets establish some short, simple rules, guidelines and maybe some suggestions on what to do.. of course these are my opinions, which probably makes them dead on… so here we go! yaaay:


Aug 2016 07

amazing article on what it takes to own a gym and run that business …

Jul 2016 29

So i got hurt.. obviously not a news flash as the main topic of this conversation is injury.. i won’t bore you with the stack of feelings i am currently burying in my gut right now with pizza and sarcasm… instead i’ll give you a humorous, yet pretty dead on approach to the common Athlete and dealing with injury … Please stay seated, i understand this intro has you shaking and peeing your pants.. but the list begins now .. MDLP presents

The stages 7  of Injury:


Feb 2016 14

As promised… first episode of “why are you so F*cking strong” with Alan Colley… link is after the bump.. enjoy!


Jan 2016 28

This is the mock interview i did on myself…i’ll be trying to send some unique questions as well to each lifter and some general ones that we are all curious about… either way im doing it ahah thank you and support the sport! PDF link below


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