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Never the easiest task… training in itself seems to be a constant demon for most people.. but let me direct this entry to those animals who live and breath the iron.. chances are they might be the only people reading this or people who know me…oooorrr people who think i’m awesome (you’re my favorite)…. many of us don’t have the luxury of having that training squad, that spotter, that late night verbal pusher or the high five bro-cat (Bro Cat ) to fist bump after a mean PR… i’ll direct your valuable attention to many moons ago when MDLP was a baby mdlp… 185 pounds of muay thai spirit…

The Early Days:

– In my early 20’s i was an amateur Muay Thai fighter .. i would wake up at 4:45am each day and train in the morning and from 6pm-9pm at night… these are documented in my MDLP war stories and my “i used to walk 15 miles in the snow” speeches …after my first fight i did not have anyone who would wake up early to train, cause it sucked, so many days i was forced into training alone, running alone, eating alone, and bag work alone… hundreds and thousands of hours over 4.5 years i developed a very lone wolf training style.. no one to depend on, no one needed, and no one to slow me down as i trained for fights .. during this time i was working a 9-5 and training late night clients in the gym.. so life was a little hectic and often there were never enough hours in the day (not much has changed honestly hahah)…but this didn’t last forever.. after 4.5 years of putting my spirit and face to the canvas and leather.. i called it quits… i started to dive into rugby and powerlifting/strongman…

The Team Shift:

– The camaraderie in Rugby goes without saying and maybe i’ll save that story for another time… lets focus on the “team” nature of lifting… i started to train at Idol Maker here in miami as well as developing The Battle Axe… in Idol Maker i developed close bonds with fellow lifters and eventually would get at least 1 to 2 lifting partners with me.. how was this occurring? were these people as addicted as i was? maybe lost souls? maybe warlocks? who knew… what i did know was that i had a small group of lifters who day in and day out banged out the iron with me… we talked shit, told war stories and re racked the stupid amounts of 45’s and 25’s (cause i mean who the fuck uses 35’s… am i right? )… but soon this ended as well.. and now during the heaviest years of my strongman “career”  i find myself lifting alone until late hours of the night…

“How do you do it?”

– If there is in anything i can say about my early years as a fighter is that it hardened my training ethics… it sharpened my vision for the future of my training and competitive goals… there was no time for bullshit or soft outlooks… during these sessions it became apparent that i was the only one in the gym that could motivate myself… it made each lift very calculated as one miss step could lead to a shitty night, safety bars or not, 500 pounds is 500 pounds…i speak only from experience and not to create some grandiose story (although i LOVE grandiose shit).. many of you out there have the same grind… it doesn’t necessarily make you bitter but it deff adds a chip on your shoulder… it adds a hunger and a fire that can only be created out of necessity… why do you think i scream and yell at myself during my videos… there were hundreds of training sessions in my life where screaming at myself kept me from blacking out or gave me the last rep RP…  it comes from those dark places when you’re the last mother fucker in the gym, eating alone, chalk and sweat everywhere and you’re the only asshole that says “not bad fucker” to yourself… maybe you know what i’m talking about?

Conclusion and reflection:

– I currently have the honor of having some company during my late nights…Suero, my brother Pablo, Yessica, Bobby, Vinny and some left over gym grunts who stay late to watch the show… but they aren’t consistently staying over night, they don’t always stay late and it doesn’t matter… this isn’t a negative statement so please don’t salt it with that logic.. rather, it’s the reality of training.. no one else will pick those weights up for you and no one else will take a loss or that sweet, sweet podium for you… Train with a group, find them, hold them and cherish that group.. hell i travel 4 hour north just to train with my group because there may be no other motivator like it… on the same note, train alone and harden yourself, get pissed off, get that chip, get that hunger and that fire.. Do I think i’m better than you? naaah probably not… but i’ll bet my dick that i work harder.. why? Cause the lone wolf ( Lone Wolf ) is the meanest mother fucker in the forest… Groups don’t make you weak in the gym but dependability does… If something is working for you then stick with it…. but if you want a change up.. then there ya go

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