Can you call me MDL-Cutler? Cause I have actually been practicing body building for the last 4 weeks. Now I would never call myself a body builder because that would be an insult to the craft and mainly because I suck at dieting but I will say this, the last 4 weeks have been quite enjoyable. During this phase I have focused on mind muscle connection, patience and allowing my body to grow one rep at a time. I have realized that there are many times I treat my accessory work without respect and chase a large dumbbell, rather than maximizing the muscle growth potential. Doing sets of 20-25 reps has given even more insight on which movements are going to rush blood in my muscle with the least amount of joint decay and with the largest bang for its buck.

You can find me reaching out to old friends, on youtube, and going over old workout notes constantly trying to add small changes to the workouts. While this may sound boring to some strength athlete, there is a lot of value not only for training but for coaching. I have re-awakened an appreciation for accessory work and I find myself correcting major flaws in bio mechanics while training and watching my lifters at The Battle Axe. I am slowly starting to see some major changes to my body, especially during training, and I find myself chuckling to myself as I chase “The Pump” but why not right? As I said in the previous article, I have to constantly trick myself into staying the course I don’t want to walk, and well, it’s working. I see myself staying here for another mesocycle as I hope to hit some physical and mental goals before settling into another comp or focusing on nationals.

As the new year begins I could sit here and speak out whether I am going to support a new resolution or not, truth is I love new years and the change of the year. The calendar is a human made thing and why not use it as a way to cerebrate one more year of pushing through and being prime for change. I do have plans for this year on many levels but my journey started years ago. So as much as I can refer you to some great memes and resolution stories, I will have to say that this year marks the beginning of a new month on a long path of adventures, obstacles and mistakes to over come. Simply one more month, in a stream of thousands of days, that I am appreciative for having the chance to hunt down my dreams and goals. Happy New Year, New Month but same sound track for the same fucking goals.

Never Stray from The Way


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