I feel that it is important to note that all paths take dedication. I was in a recent discussion and I was reminded of that exact line and was taken aback by how quickly a vision can narrow. It is not that I have forgotten my way but with all the body building work I have started to narrow my vision on gaining size and muscle and have neglected some mobility work on my old man joints. My elbow is still not anywhere near 95% post tricep injury and I can feel my other joints taking the brunt of the hit. Although I am no where near a bad place physically, I am aware that I am starting to neglect some basic self care on a weekly basis and its time to dedicate more time to rehab work.

My plan is to remain on the body building for another meso cycle with more emphasis on post mobility and self care work. If I don’t write it into my work out, my attention will start to drift and its imperative that I remind myself weekly about taking care of my joints. Strongman season starts very soon and I refuse to start it at a beat up state. My de-loads will consist of lighter to no barbell work and an emphasis on where my body needs work and rest. I have my eyes on one summer competition but not at the expense of my back or my body, so rushing and starting my training in pain is not an option. My back remains pain free and my resolve to complete certain strength goals this year is sharper than ever. I wont lie, my body is deff feeling the amount of volume work that I am currently doing but nothing compared to the beat down we face on a weekly basis during strongman. I miss my implement work on the daily but not enough to rush this process that is giving me observable gains and a mental hunger to return to strongman.

I included some leg work on this log because it is something I haven’t been able to do in quite a while and something I have missed.

The soreness and muscle pain is a learning curve again but I did truly miss volume. My knee is still not 100% but it is feeling much better on squat days and I can perform lunges pain free!! Again, the emphasis is not weight but building my volume base while paying close attention to how my spine reacts. The leg pump was real but more importantly, the days afterwards I remained pain free, albeit a little ( A LOT ) sore.

Work Load:

Front squat 3×8Back Squat 3×8Barbell Lunges 4×10/10Banded Monster Walks 4x50ftSingle Leg RDL 4×10/10Sled Pull 4x100ft

Never Stray from The Way


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