In classic holiday and bah humbug fashion, I got sick. I have been burning the candle at both ends and it finally caught up to me. I can’t say I didn’t deserve it but hey, we all need to take it for what its worth and keep going. The good thing about being on a body building split is that being sick does not completely kill my training days as I can simply lower the intensity or volume and still get great blood into the muscle. As I slowly start to evolve my current meso cycles, I am starting to enjoy the change in my body composition. Clearly I am not in Southern States shape but I am most certainly seeing some size in muscles that I have been neglecting both due to injury and getting ready for strongman.

With my back settling into place after pushing the limits 3 weeks ago, I am starting to slowly introduce volume into my lower body days. I took time off from leg volume due to knee pain and I did not want to risk my spine on a squat when the priority was implement training. I have a clear understanding of what I was lacking during Floridas Strongest and my conditioning was something I felt needs work. Aside from injuries slowing that down, I could definitely feel the lack of muscle endurance that at one point was my strength. So aside from putting on some mass in my lagging muscles, I am also focused on re-introducing volume to my legs while keeping pristine form and mind/muscle connection as the ultimate goal.

My approach to squatting is to stay with the front squat during these next meso cycles because of its benefit for strongman, quad growth and less damage on my spine. After almost 2 years of avoiding volume work for obvious reasons, it is with a sick masochistic delight that I enjoyed this weeks leg workout. No one truly enjoys sets of 10 but I suppose it was a feeling of nostalgia and hopping into old shoes as volume work was always one of my favorites. With thirst trap filming on hand and some great pre workout, this workout was a killer. Try it and let me know how much you hate yourself haha!

Warm Up:

Big 3TKE 3×20/20Goblet Squats 3×10Single leg RDL 2×10/10T Spine Stretch 4×5/5

Work Load:

Front squat 5×10Barbell Lunges 4×10/10Single Leg RDL 410/10Banded Monster Walks 4x50ftBanded Leg ext 1×100Seated Banded Leg Curls 1×100Stir the Pot 3×25/25

Never Stray from the Way


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