Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I’ll be honest, my life is about tricking the animal inside of me to do what I need him to do. Sometimes that involves baiting myself with food or prizes for myself but most of the time its a bitter day to day battle with that locked up wolf. When it comes to tricking myself into body building volume and avoiding strongman implements I basically have to change the scenarios around me.

That means, dressing, acting, eating differently and watching body building videos etc to keep my mind in line. Despite this sounding out outside fo training norms, I am a HUGE believer that we are very easily persuaded with visual stimulation. This means the way we dress going to the gym, the music we listen to prior or the motivational videos we watch absolutely guides our attitudes as well as reflects where we are in our training mentality.

Don’t believe me?

Go ahead and look at your youtube tube history (not internet history eeesh!) and I can tell you what you’re going to do at the gym, whether you’re in prep or not and just how committed you are to learning new things.

So here we are, I am currently watching some of my favorite body builders from the past (Cutler, Yates) and some “new” ones that make great videos (Feroce, Meadows, Centopani) to get motivated. I dress to the gym in sweat pant shorts, skully’s, and triple XL shirts.. why? Because I need to. It’s how I work and despite being a very usual creature I also like to approach any new trading endeavor engrossed in it, both in and out of the gym. Although I started with body building as a chubby teen and have since then had some AMAZING coaches and guidance in it, it is still an ever evolving art and I am enjoying the exploration process.

I am currently exploring a high protein, moderate carb diet but I am also enjoying hanging out with friends and family on weekends so I need to keep my vision realistic. As the year comes to an end I have many plans for the new year but the works started last week. Time to grow some, enjoy life, eat a lot and take on a new body composition to build upon.

Warm up:

Big 3Band Flies 1 x100Pull Aparts 1 x100Band Push Downs 1×100

Chest and Bicep WorkLoad:

Swiss Bar Bench (Ascending bar weight, small increments) 1x 5,6,7,8,9,10D Bell Bench 4×25D Bell Incline 5×20Band Mid Flies 4×10 with 3 sec squeezeBand Low Flies 4×25D Bell Curls 4×20D bell Hammer curls 4×15Band Curls 1×100Stir The Pot 4×20/20

Never Stray from The Way


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