Jun 2015 01

Like Donnie Thompson always says… the most important joint for everything is the ankle… i am very guilty of neglecting it but working on it daily at this point… hope this vid helps out…

May 2015 17


– I suppose the idea of being a selfish athlete is understood or common knowledge… but i have to continue to push the idea that to chose greatness, one has to be selfish sometimes… not always, relax!… but many times you have to be different, you have to set yourself apart… not by forcing it but by finding who you are during this journey… and that journey is only completed by following the Path that YOU choose… not what everyone wants you to do…


May 2015 03

Sleep Deprivation

– I don’t necessarily agree with this concept… in fact i’m quite aware of the science behind no sleeping and it’s affects on health, stress, performance, recovery etc… I’m not here to tell you not to sleep nor would i advise it.. what i am here to do, is to tell you why it is i don’t sleep often..or if do, that its not in a regular way


Apr 2015 28

Arnold dropping some knowledge … talking about how he built his legacy and the amount of work and mental strength it takes…

Apr 2015 19



Sweet sweet distractions… how does one even cope… with 11 weeks to go for my plat Plus comp and 7 to go for my Florida State Record breaker comp, the amount of distractions continues to grow.. daily, incessant and uncaring… haha maybe im getting dramatic again.. but i tend to give my distraction life like qualities of evil.. i am no saint and this may be a raw and open look at how i distance myself from everything and everyone slowly to gain focus… obviously not a complete hermit but certain decisions need to be made because i am as destructive off the platform as i am on it…


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