Jan 2016 20

13 min video on one of my favorite strongman Vytautas Lalas talking about the importance of general body building work, even for a strongman

Jan 2016 19

took it upon myself to have a field day with my legs.. used the Elitefts SSB yoke bar .. Great bar to use to train thoracic extension, build speed, strengthen upper back, and save the shoulders .. these are the primary uses i would say although there are more.. so on to the good stuff



Jan 2016 15

If you’re working in lagging muscles and strengthening the posterior.. give this short and sweet accessory workout a go.

– lat pull down 4 x15 (wide grip)

– lat pull down 4×15 (narrow grip)

– super set: 3 sets of barbell row x15/facepulls x20

– seated cable mid row 3×15

– banded pull ups 4 x max



Jan 2016 12

solid set of warm ups for a squat and dead lift session… Duffin is way ahead of the game and these basics may save the body some pain

Jan 2016 10

So im going to start updating stuff.. leeeeets not make a big deal about it please >=]

Get your bar out and dust the cobwebs off your shoulders:

– Strict press (oly bar) 3×1, 3×5, 1x 10, 1×20

– incline d bells 4×12

– Lat raises 4×15

– dips 4×10

kind of short and sweet but with nasty volume.. get to work


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