FIRST SESSION IS FREE!! Pricing is discussed in person. No Bullshit no Contracts. I understand times are tough and will discuss payment after you prove this is the gym for you.

Group training:

  • Group classes are held Monday – Saturday in mornings and evenings. Please contact me for specific times as gym times may change upon my availability and schedule.
  • Groups do not excel 8 people per hour and are heavily monitored to facilitate form and personalized training.
  • Clients are asked to keep themselves accountable, keep their numbers (diaries) on them at all times and come to train.

One on One:

  • One on one sessions are offered. Sessions depends on client demands and availability.
  • Client receives hands on experience, nutritional advise, and weekly programming.
  • Strengths, weaknesses and variations of training are all explored on the specific demands of client.
  • If you want the Vikings attention…this is how you get it. Nough said.

Walk Ins:

  • Walk in clients are always welcomed. Please contact me to assure that the gym is open and for best available times. All walk ins are currently 10 dollars per visit.
  • Walk in, train and get one step closer to Valhalla.

On-Line Consulting and Programming:

  • Not everyone can make it to Miami or the glorious aura of The Battle Axe and that I understand. I offer on line training,consulting and programming to fit your particular demands. Via Email, Skype, Facebook, or messenger Ravens, we can discuss and program a particular system that will get you to your particular goals. Clients must be up to standards and take training seriously upon programming request.
  • Pricing is based on a case to case scenario. All things are discussed with client one on one.


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