There is no Value in Strength without Power. I don’t need to sit here and tell you the dictionaries description of the word power. Although it would help because it sounds so scientific and everyone loves science. Here at The Battle Axe we Power Lift. We lift heavy and we lift fast. I run different programming depending on the client’s needs and body necessitates (injuries). All types of programmings are welcomed but I prefer a derivative of the West Side method. I give thanks to Louie Simmons and Randy Scoates from Idolmaker, here in Miami, to have sown the seeds of powerlifting and allowing me to make my own path in it.

The Battle Axe offers:

  • Specialty Bars: football, chambered, Power, Fat Bar, Strongman Log… not everyone bar on the planet but if you can’t train with these you might as well take up scrabble as a hobby.
  • chains, bands, sleds and kegs
  • Reverse Hyper

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