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So i haven’t been in here in a while, sue me.. just kidding, don’t.  I am OFTEN asked what’s the first thing to do when you hurt your back and here is a very, very…..very minimized system that has worked for me and many many others that i’ve worked with. Also a serious disclaimer, if you’re under serious pain, fear or discomfort that affects quality of life, seek out professional help.

1: stop your session and call it, don’t try to “‘work through it”

2: stop heavy physical training for 4-6 weeks (depending on severity and pain, even if you’re painless, it does not mean you’re clear, BE SMART)

3: 30 mins after waking up up, go for a short walk of 15 mins (as much as body allows, DONT WORK THROUGH PAIN)

4: practice the McGill big 3 daily



now this is a very condescend version of what I’ve been doing with Brian Carroll and i am not claiming to be a spine doctor. If your back injury is serious enough and have felt true back pain, then you will highly consider these small tips. If you have any questions please email me or definitely  refer to powerrackstrength.com/team-qa to really get some good feed back by the PRS crew


hope this helps



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