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So i got hurt.. obviously not a news flash as the main topic of this conversation is injury.. i won’t bore you with the stack of feelings i am currently burying in my gut right now with pizza and sarcasm… instead i’ll give you a humorous, yet pretty dead on approach to the common Athlete and dealing with injury … Please stay seated, i understand this intro has you shaking and peeing your pants.. but the list begins now .. MDLP presents

The stages 7  of Injury:

  • Absolute Fear– Injuries suck.. and i mean real ones.. ones that actually make you stop dead in your tracks and quit for the day.. the first gut instinct is fear.. something bad happened.. that small child in you that’s scared to go home and show your parents how you scuffed your knee is running around wild in your brain… don’t feel fear? either you’re a liar or some sort of inter galactic space ninja, which is pretty cool space_ninja_by_sempronski-d6t1doc
  • Denial– you sit down, catch your breath, have your BCAA’s and think.. “well shit, it was probably a tweek, or cramp.. i can already walk around.. no bigs”.. you sit there and let the cold sweats settle and tell yourself.. tomorrow i’ll be back.. i’ll be a little sore nut that’s it
  • Acceptance stage 1 – you wake up, still hurts like shit and you realize .. “OK im hurt, so lets deal with this” .. you immediately respond to all the texts from friends and family and admit your injury.. you limp down your stairs and decide to go attack this injury head on at the gym with some foam rolling and some weird shit you saw on redtube.. ummm i mean youtube.. yea that’s it.. youtube….
  • the Google Phase – its been 24-36 hours and you’ve scheduled some sort of therapy but not before googling your pain and injury… little is known on how you got to this point but according to Web MD and the google.. you have some sort of Cancer, STD in your hammy and the life expectancy of someone with your “disease” is about 3 months.. deal with it, you’re going to die
  • You Question your life – at this point your leg is definitely going to fall off and you’ve decided that being an adaptive athlete is not going to be that bad .. so as you tell everyone someone is definitely cutting onions in the room and you’re producing tears of rage not bottomless sadness… you ask.. “what is life? where do i go from here? when will walking dead end?” … as these question flood your mind, you being to question your future, your sport, and your body
  • Acceptance stage 2 and moving forward – you  have finally sat down with other athletes, close friends and therapists and realize you’re going to be fine…you accept that this injury is slowly getting better and that a few weeks off might be good for you… Daily rehab becomes a reality and you’re ok with it.. the limp you currently carry looks like a “strong guy” walk, you have more stories to tell, and that learning to rehab this injury will help you and others deal with it in the future
  • Cured – the physical pain always heals faster than the mental aspect of dealing with injury and its diverse amounts of stressors … it’s not until one gets back under the movement that hurt you in the first place, until you enjoy yourself, until you can laugh about the experience, and until you can teach others to be safe, that you truly have a sense of being cured… after 6-8weeks (if you’re lucky) of being in a relationship with your injury.. you have broken up with it and moved on.. you might have that awkward eye contact in public… send a happy bday now and then.. but the fact of the matter is that you learned a lesson, wont do it again if you can help it, and have moved on.

Don’t be fooled.. lots of people feel these steps.. or maybe im here just venting out my own steam in a sassy way with a picture of a cyber ninja! (i mean seriously, it’s the only pic i wanted to use) … but… we all deal with injuries differently and after years of sport, these seem to sink in… the main advise i would give anyone and everyone who gets seriously hurt, is simple… there are so many people who do not have the ability to compete, that do not have the chance of getting hurt doing sport, to ever feel the glory of training or winning for Odin’s sake.. so many of people like this in our current world, that it should drown your doubt and your fear… that injuries are battle scars of a life lived to its fullest…so Don’t be pussy because everything ends… re-load, re-engage (hats of to Jocko) and you might learn a thing or two along the way.




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