May 2015 17


– I suppose the idea of being a selfish athlete is understood or common knowledge… but i have to continue to push the idea that to chose greatness, one has to be selfish sometimes… not always, relax!… but many times you have to be different, you have to set yourself apart… not by forcing it but by finding who you are during this journey… and that journey is only completed by following the Path that YOU choose… not what everyone wants you to do…



If you have the notion that getting to the top will involve pleasing everyone… it is my handsome opinion that you are very wrong…no one has ever made it to the top without pissing someone off, or pushing folks away, or causing some sort of alienation… My point is not to do this on purpose but rather to understand the fact that this is going to happen no matter what you say or do… NO MATTER WHAT… those who fall by the wayside, those who take things personal during your grind, those who get offended by your hard work…those people, DO NOT matter … and will most likely crawl back when you have found your success… what matters is that you continue to work for your goals and your dreams with a relentless pace that at times will cause you only to think of yourself and your immediate needs .. in my case this causes me to focus only on eating, lifting, running my gym and resting if and when i can… often times distractions are seen as threats and i push them by the wayside.. its not done in a negative fashion, for the most part, but being distracted and having your energy misplaced is one of many steps in the wrong direction… take a few months or years to do You, You, You… so that everyone can enjoy the spoils…



During the grind to the top… and “the top” can vary from person to person… it could mean a PHD, a Family, a house, a new job etc… it doesn’t matter.. what you will find on your journey is that you will have to pick sides.. it can be sides between people, businesses, financial investments, moral reasons etc… picking a side is very important, as standing in the middle wastes a lot of energy and emotional stability… what is even more valuable is that you choose a path that is primarily to your liking and or benefit… training and killing yourself for something will also start to define you as a person, as an entity, or a leader… during this path you have to start picking sides that bring value to who you are but more importantly, they must remain genuine and a true definition of your character… no matter how shitty or scummy it may seem, let it be who you are… Hi I am Michael De La Pava and i am a strongman, fighter, powerlifter, viking, scumbag, thief, rugger, i love whiskey, tattoos, cigars, cursing loudly, organized violence, rage and guns… step into my gym and you’ll know my world because i have chosen many paths and they all define me



Please dont try this at home… in fact, dont try too hard anywhere… what i mean is dont purposefully try to be different for the sake of being different… unless its built into your character design, people will see right through you.. they will see it as an act and just badger you for it… i have a mohawk, hand tattoos, stripes in my beard and a ridiculous personality… it’s not for the sake of being different to be different… it’s because i am at a place in life where i can do whatever the fuck i want to… and none of these things shock anyone because it directly reflects who i am.. if you think its ridiculous, weird and offensive… well i dont blame you, you have all the right to dislike it and to die in a chemical fire … but in reality being questioned for what you chose to do is better than being questioned for who and what you are ..being called  crazy and or ridiculous stings so much less than being called fake or a poser… only the Notorious, outlandish, daring and adventurous build a legacy… so whatever you chose to do… let it be you and let it be different.. chances are as you continue your path to your personal greatness, you are going to find out you are vastly different from the human being next to you and it isn’t a fucking Sin to boast about it and show it…

i’m personally dropping the mic and walking away #randywatson… call me ridiculous, crazy, arrogant, cocky, and or generally handsome… all that will stick and i like it like that.. I’m sure some of you know exactly how good it feels


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