May 2015 03

Sleep Deprivation

– I don’t necessarily agree with this concept… in fact i’m quite aware of the science behind no sleeping and it’s affects on health, stress, performance, recovery etc… I’m not here to tell you not to sleep nor would i advise it.. what i am here to do, is to tell you why it is i don’t sleep often..or if do, that its not in a regular way

I average about 3-5 hours of sleep a night… 3-4 times a week i might sleep about 3-4.5 hours and then nap about 1-2 hours mid day… i try to get in a nap every day during my dead hours in the gym… by the time i get home and have eaten etc.. it  is about 2 pm… i sleep til about 3:30 or 4pm if i’m lucky and then i have to get up for the evening shift at the gym and or training… let me explain why and how this is going to work in my life


I am a true believer that to run a business, hard work is thee most important thing. To me that means sleepless nights, long afternoons, eating on the go, always on the phone, sometimes detached from friends and family, dropping everything and anything to make your business grow etc… It’s like Arnold said… if you need 8 hours of sleep, then sleep faster… i know that every waking moment that i am not pursuing my goal as a gym owner that i am waisting time… that does not mean i don’t actually sit down and relax from time to time or do normal people things… it just means my time is highly valuable, like all of yours, and i don’t like to spend too much of it eating shit…sleep less, work a shit ton, and never look back


This is where things get tricky… i understand i need the sleep…in fact i would love it… after pulling 700 pounds off the ground and throwing iron around.. there is nothing harder than to sleep 3 hours and wake up to work… because although it is my dream job, it is still a job and a very mentally/physically active one… i am at a time in my life where i can push my body to its limit athletically and continue to drive my gym with this concept… the more i compete, grow, and or win, the more the gym grows… my time in the sport of strongman/powerlifting may be a little limited … i know my body wont last forever so i understand this… during the next several years i will have to push my body to some of it’s limits… unfortunately this comes with lack of sleep, for now…


I have a limited time to set out these goals that will hopefully carry my gym, legacy and business forward… Sometimes some sacrifices need to be made and sleep is a temporary one… nose in the dirt and a long grind .. also i need to get to bed soon and the little sleep im gonna get, i better get it in soon


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