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Sweet sweet distractions… how does one even cope… with 11 weeks to go for my plat Plus comp and 7 to go for my Florida State Record breaker comp, the amount of distractions continues to grow.. daily, incessant and uncaring… haha maybe im getting dramatic again.. but i tend to give my distraction life like qualities of evil.. i am no saint and this may be a raw and open look at how i distance myself from everything and everyone slowly to gain focus… obviously not a complete hermit but certain decisions need to be made because i am as destructive off the platform as i am on it…


– Probably my biggest enemy/friend… whiskey on a saturday night, with my rugby mates, telling war stories and being degenerates might be one of my favorite things in the world.. sadly performance and the iron can care little about what i want… i slowly start to “distance” myself from situations and friends that i know will make me drink.. it’s not that they are forcing gallons of booze down my face (not always any way haha)… but i know myself full well and i will want to play.. and by play i mean get drunk and see how many cans of beer i can stack before i black out… i will keep away from certain situations that might entice me to drink.. certain parties, events, pubs etc… it doesn’t mean i wont attend something important it just means i have days of weakness and i wont play with fire… Thus the many netflix nights of eating emotional foods that dont make me too fat (if there is such a thing).. the less exposure the smarter your minute by minute decisions will be.. a drink or two.. or three… every now and then is fine by me.. but as the war gets closer, is your enemy getting drunk the week before battle? #sleeplessnights


– A daily, constant, minute by minute battle.. unlike alcohol that i can avoid by distancing myself from situations… stress is ever present in all our loves.. as a gym owner, head coach, friend, brother, son, uncle, boyfriend, etc… i deal with stress from all angles  as we all do! i am no different than anyone in the sense of being surrounded by it… what i may differ is my potential outlook on dealing with it… I normally engulf myself in my training, eating, lifting and business to maintain my focus… i often explain my goals dramatically, in a grandiose fashion (i just wanted to say grandiose) to make the ultimate goal bigger than who i am.. bigger than my little problems … example:

  • “This competition is for us, the gym, my clients, and my competitors… if i win we win”
  • “This is but a grain of sand in my destiny and i have to keep going”
  • “I have great things to accomplish in a short time, so i don’t need sleep and i don’t need rest”

Hahah again.. very dramatic but thats how i am… it also doesn’t take away the meaning of these statements because although they may be a little over the top, i truly feel these statements.. they course through me and i probably say the mother fuckers while i sleep… im a nerd living a modern warrior life… these sayings empower me but also allow me to shake stress off… if your goal is more than just selfish needs.. if it’s bigger than who you are… everything that’s a distraction falls short.. if you set that goal at a mountain top that you yourself haven’t even climbed yet, how is stress going to beat you to it?



– This may be the touchiest subject and i may piss people off.. but history has shown that i dont give a f*ck… these people are your life line, your anchor and your purpose.. These people i love with all my wicked, black wolf heart… at the same time these people can be your biggest contributor to self doubt, stress, and short comings as a business man and or athlete… How do you go about telling them to stop? How do you tell them you need space? How does do you make them understand your world? … the key is, you DONT … you can not worry about things you can not control… there are situations you can and there are some you will never change.. i personally focus on myself… self involved, self preservation, greed or selfishness.. call it what you will… but i can not help anyone if i am not mastering myself…as with alcohol and stress… i set my goals high and distance myself from cancerous situations… i show those around me that my focus cannot be deterred and that what i am training/fighting for something that is bigger than me and everything around me.. call it horrible, i get it… but to reach the top of anything you can’t stutter step… it has to be a continuous day in and day out example that i will not be distracted, de-railed … i wont change my mind, i will get there by any means necessary and that i dont care about the danger… this is my destiny and it’s bigger than i am (you see it!?) in this final part of my distractions i may seem cold, distant and at times stark.. without question, this last part makes me the most difficult, unapologetic asshole you may find.. it doesn’t mean i sit there and beat up my family with war hammers and demand they leave… it’s more of an internal war.. a part of me wants to help everyone, listen to everything, buy everything that will help, miss training to see those close to me, not compete, to not be isolated, not be so fucking obsessed … but that part of me is not the part that makes me ME… Like i said, i have a short amount of time to reach the goals i have set out for myself.. i will be relentless, at times confusing or crazy, uncompromising, distant, angry, a loner, i become a philosopher and a story teller but all this comes with the comfort of knowing i am reaching my destiny with every ounce of who i am as a man… and i can only thank those who stick around or ever so kindly get out of my way…


“My destiny has already been written out for me… but it’s how i meet these adversities that will make me a man”





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