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Like i said earlier (and i promise i’ll stop saying “like i said earlier ” eventually) this adventure will engulf more than just my training… this weekend, my job as a coach decided to take precedence on an event training Saturday… I was fortunate enough to have my squad train with me friday night… I felt really solid on the moving events.. speed is finally coming back .. Speed was something i was struggling with when i got fat for a canceled show… I’m STILL dealing with a bad hammy from December and currently fighting a bad groin on my left leg..nothing major but enough to give me some  “off days” ..saturday morning was  a struggle and i ended up calling it short with a lot of elbow pain… friday night and sat recap:

Sat night: 7pm-11pm

– yoke 50/50ft down and back.. worked up to 645# at 18:8

– farmers 50/50ft down and around the cone.. with 255# at around 21-23 seconds (awful haha)

– circus D bell … got smashed by the 180 bigg dogg d-bell… my new enemy

Friday: 630am-845-am

– hard hard wake up to wake up and work continentals with my boys Jon and Bobby…worked up to speed singles at 225# .. lots of pain in biceps and elbows and called it

Friday: 930am-3pm

– Caution Corossfit hosts Strongman/strength comp

Caution Crossfit Strongman/Strength Comp Review:

Let’s first establish that this was an unsanctioned event to get people motivated to do strongman and lift up heavy shit… so before you go about saying this isn’t strongman and blah blah.. be certain that i already did that but one cannot over look that this comp was a great way to open peoples eyes to my sport, have a good time, and also show people just how much skill can be involved in Strongman

At this comp i had 4 full time clients competing and about 3-4 satellite clients as well.. i call them satellite clients because they are weekly to bi weekly drop ins who i’ve tried to polish up with the little time i have but regardless show great loyalty to The Axe … The show was divided into several weight classes in both the male and female classes … due to low population in each class, classes were later combined and points settled by individual performances against the clock, which i think is fair based on the weight of implement and lifter.

Events and Opinions:

Events included sled to keg/sandbag medleys, stone and tire ladders, a log clean and press for time and a final jeep pull for an un-godly distance… weights were pretty heavy if i do say so myself.. I saw Zeros, failures, awesome bails, and people dying.. which i think is fucking great… The weights made it known that not everyone can do this but just heavy enough that you saw some Epic last minute stone loads and log presses…The camaraderie and last minute cheers of strongman and crossfit fans was ever present and competitors saw high fives from both fellow lifters and audience members alike… Somethings i didn’t like were the duration of the events… The stone load having a 5 minute cut off time could of seen some nasty bicep problems or just too much waiting time… the jeep was entirely too long making it for a deadly down time but also just making it an aerobic event… Logs should of been a little bigger for the heavier female lifters and the rocky asphalt during sleds and kegs was a major issue… BUT… in strongman-esk fashion … unpredictable circumstances and a change in both events and objects is the reality of our sport… Everyone took it with a positive attitude and kept a solid outlook

Atmosphere and Lifters:

An intimate but very devoted crowd was present throughout the events.. on a warm miami day in a warehouse gym and on the streets, the crowd maintained an electric response to last minute feats of strength.. some events, like said above, had some heavy dead time but at times proved to be genius in making for a quick re-tacky, last minute, last second, last effort lift… Many in the audience, mainly family and older viewers, had several questions and maintained a steady flow of “oooohs” and “aaahhhhs” throughout the day… no stupid remarks, no know-it-all assholes talking about how dangerous this is… rather… there was a lot of support and general curiosity for these crowd stopping lifts… the atmosphere remained curious, supportive and at times addictive where even my self-centered-ass was seen (and unfortunately filmed uuugh) jumping around and fist pumping

Conclusion, outlook and on the horizon:

All in all it was a great effort and i think Dom of Caution Crossfit did right by the sport… he himself spoke to me several times with ideas and changes he already had for future shows or changes he would apply.. hindsight is 20/20 and it’s easy to sit here and pick apart something on it’s first run… but overall not one soul can say this was a bad idea… i received so many questions about the sport and general praise for Battle Axe lifters… it added implements, heavy objects, feats of strength and a variation of sizes and weights for lifters … so what happens now? well i hope people see that you can’t just be some fat fuck who has one good heavy lift at the gym and then expects to be good at strongman.. that strongman and strength are both a journey and a dedicated lifestyle.. that strongman involves courage, dark places, rage, happiness and a discipline for pain that most people cannot maintain.. anyone can do one show.. but do you have what it takes to live the life style day in and day out? to do sanctioned events? to chase national titles and pro cards? .. After yesterday i’d say i would take a handful of lifters, besides my own of course,with me… i saw courage and rage on all levels and im pleased with how strength is looking like on the horizon.. I live in Miami… this is not your ordinary town so just stop thinking shit is normal here.. in a city saturated by crossfit, body building and aesthetics.. it’s very nice to see the world of strength make another impact in this town… the first being me and my gym and my lifters cause I’m awesome… hahaha ahhh but seriously… Great job Caution.. viking helmet off to you and to all those who chose to compete in something a little different and juuuuust a little more bad ass

caution 2




Very proud of all my own… Karen, Edwin, Yessica,Bash…it was an honor to be at your sides in battle.

To my loyal lifters:

Noel, JM, Jeff, Alex way to make men out of yourselves… Odin will be pleased




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