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The energy to train sometimes seems distance… some of you know and some of you do not.. but i own and operate the battle axe gym here in miami and although it’s the dream job, it can have it’s days… in truth, im still feeling Saturdays training but the early mornings and long nights of coaching too a small toll on my deadlifts.

Gym Ownership:

Im not going to sit here and whine so i’ll break it down to it’s reality. I sleep, actually saying i nap is better, about 3-4 hours a night and take mid day naps. Im up at 4:15 3 times a week and at 6am for the other 3. I train at night because training in a warehouse at 2pm is never the best idea in miami and at those times i’m drained from working all morning… and 2 pm is the best nap time… duh. Active job, little sleep, and 24/7 business owner ship.. no pity party here just the reality.. so lets move on before my vagina swells further.

Realities of energy loss:

For you programming junkies this was my scheme last night.

– Deadlifts 5×1 (possible max)

– deadlift ladder (on my instagram @thebattleaxegym) … shameless plug buahaha!

– bufallo bar double pause squats 5×5

– light hammy acc.

Monday’s press was a tough one with my body aching… so i was looking forward to  deadlifting cause it always makes my penis feel bigger. Reality check as i pulled 635# off the floor and i could feel my soul fall out of my ass… i sat there and had to take a step back… I just got a new belt!! how could this be? i mean who doesn’t hit a PR with new gear?? Was it witchcraft? Was it cause i cut my beard earlier in the year? Was my mandex on too tight?

belt 2

The reality is that not all training sessions are created equally.. i swallowed my pride and decided to not go for a PR… hit a volume set and decided to pic and chose the positives for the night… 635# came up slow-ish but in proper form, my deadlift “cardio” felt great, and decided i wont be training heavy press and dead/squat day’s back to back (training days and routine will be talked about once i experiment more)…I, like most baby rhinos, will utterly destroy myself for failure… but this journey to nationals is months, even years, of work in progress…

Moral of the story:

There isn’t really a moral here..i mean there can be but who likes hippy shit like morals?… this is a personalized stream of consciousness often spilling into another idea or misspelled train of personal opinions… what i do try to explain to myself, my lifters and fellow meat heads is that i don’t search for humility but rather, i let it come to me… with a solid heavy weight i realized my body can still lift significant weight correctly but that my program needs to remain efficient and practical… i have to take personal consideration in my lack of sleep and energy on certain days and the level of intensity on event days… My journey to a pro card is a long one and i continuously remind myself that the act of working hard, learning from mistakes, growth and courage are a stark reality that i cannot over look….



Music: Bob Marly “Duppy Conquerer” (brining that myspace music comment back hahah)

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