Apr 2015 05


And so it begins… i’m not the greatest writer because my brain works too fast, despite all the punches to the brain, the ole noggin still goes… also i can’t spell for shit and my grammar was left long ago for more ambitious ventures like being good looking and strong(ish) … i’ll let this be truly day one… although my heavier training started last week… it wasn’t until this weekend that i felt alive in strongman again… like all journeys into sports, the body and mind take the biggest tolls..after Florida’s Strongest man in December my training stayed strong but i decided to venture into my favorite vices … heavy whiskey, cigars and rugby… after i got my fill my horizon filled with future comps, a growing gym, and a pack of future strongman who keep me on my toes (sooo many posts on that in the near future)

So this weekend i traveled to Iron House in Davent port FL to train with my crew and my coach… being under a watchful eye but more importantly, surrounded by those on a higher level, reignited a desire to not only compete harder but also to share it… i am no rookie to the sport but i continue to consider myself a sponge and forever learning… i want others to experience this because honestly, life is about not being a pussy and finding other non-pussies to surround yourself with… maybe you’re not in Miami or any where near Florida so maybe this will reach you… maybe it will piss you off because i can be a cocky f*ck sometimes.. maybe it will push you to come beat me in a comp… or it will just get you off the couch to go crush some iron… I’m not sure what it will do but i just know that this is a desire i need to fulfill for myself first… and i always do what i want…but i digress, i mention Me and i get lost in talking about myself… sigh

This weekly, and hopefully not bi-weekly, journey will include everything i can.. vids, pics, posts, the youtubes, the facebook, on-line articles etc… everything, anything and anyone that surrounds my journey for my second trip to nationals … this trip signifies a return to the main stage but also a growth not only in my life as a strongman, but as a coach and a business owner…not everyone has the life i have but i know, without a doubt, others have journeys and dreams to accomplish… it’s time others got to see my story, not only because im self involved (duh), but because (ugh grammar) i know others will be represented properly this time.. and i owe it to all those around me who help me, to tell not only my story but theres too… Hello i am Michael De La Pava, better known as MDL fucking P, and this is my legacy



P.E.M.B.G. ( please excuse my bad grammar.. fuck you grammar Nazis)

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