Feb 2014 24

Been battling a few aches and pains the last couple weeks… mostly old pains i have come across during mid training cycles… elbow tendonitis and shoulder pain seem to be a constant for me so working the log press has been a little bit of a battle… finally stacked up some boxes and mats and had them high enough to just work the Log press without the clean..picked it right off the right box height and went to town..despite a slow start and taking 3 attempts..i hit 300 finally and left home a very happy man..

  • Log press 5×1
  • Log press for reps at about 75-85% 2×4
  • Log Split jerks for speed 5×2
  • D-Bell Floor Pause Press 3×20
  • Band Push down (gray to orange band super set) 3×10/10
  • D-bell Curls 4×15 (light to flush some blood in the old muscles)
  • Face pulls 3×20

Strength is Everything


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