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** warning…to read this you must have a great sense of humor, not hate bad grammar, enjoy laughing, love vikings and enjoy being a bad ass

Training corssfittians began as a side hobby..a side door to my main clients and athletes… i soon began training top level crossfitters, head coaches and co owners and began to evolve my training, mindset and teachings…what began as a side project and idea is now one of my thriving goals as well as business operations..i am not here to argue with your choice of sport…i am here to make you fucking better
-Who is your daddy and what does he do?
My name is Michael De La Pava… i own THEE strongman gym in miami, The Battle Axe gym… former Muay Thai fighter, Rugby Player and current Power lifter and Strongman National competitor this year… I have won three strongman competitions in a row and qualified for nationals this year…and  i recently took first at the 242 class in the RPS powerlifting meet… I don’t tell you these things to show off, because that means nothing, but rather, to show you how serious i am about my sport and committing to training… i practice what i preach and expect nothing less from the few people i call athletes…
-What does training at the battle axe mean for you?
I train Crossfitters in a specialized program that involves main lifts (squats, deads, press, over heads press, odd objects, stones, etc) and accessory movements (body building, isolation work, rehab)…these movements are planned to increased your strength endurance, lactic acid threshold and work capacity..long story short and bullshit words aside i am here to increase your ability to move heavy objects, build power, and do more work…all the while without sacrificing your ability to keep your conditioning, mobility and ability in your sport of crossfit…this isn’t my first rodeo…this what i do and invite you to come my way…
My information is below…google me, look me up, contact me, text me…i have nothing to hide and i stand for everything i teach and preach…i welcome you to the battle axe any day of the week… Make the most of it..don’t be a pussy because everything ends
strength is everything,

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