Jul 2017 30


Happy to announce out Vlogs are finally on their way!  @jt.productions_ working her stuff to create episode 1 “The Iron culture”.So much to this concept and how we are trying to create more than just numbers here at the Battle Axe. When i first started this gym i wanted to be something more, something different, and a name to be talked about. I wanted there to be an air of responsibility and hard work that would hit you like a ton of bricks the moment you stepped foot into my gym. Over the years i can look back and proudly say that there has been no better representation of this dream than at this very moment. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and with the help of so many others, we will continue to place our fingerprint in history and our legacy.


Thank you all



Jan 2016 24

The social science of titles… when to say you’re injured, hurt or in pain… for you’re own good

Jun 2015 01

Like Donnie Thompson always says… the most important joint for everything is the ankle… i am very guilty of neglecting it but working on it daily at this point… hope this vid helps out…

Apr 2015 28

Arnold dropping some knowledge … talking about how he built his legacy and the amount of work and mental strength it takes…

Apr 2015 16
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