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every word here is damn right.. it’s the fucking mentality not the sport


Apr 2015 05


And so it begins… i’m not the greatest writer because my brain works too fast, despite all the punches to the brain, the ole noggin still goes… also i can’t spell for shit and my grammar was left long ago for more ambitious ventures like being good looking and strong(ish) … i’ll let this be truly day one… although my heavier training started last week… it wasn’t until this weekend that i felt alive in strongman again… like all journeys into sports, the body and mind take the biggest tolls..after Florida’s Strongest man in December my training stayed strong but i decided to venture into my favorite vices … heavy whiskey, cigars and rugby… after i got my fill my horizon filled with future comps, a growing gym, and a pack of future strongman who keep me on my toes (sooo many posts on that in the near future)


Apr 2015 08

gym 3

The energy to train sometimes seems distance… some of you know and some of you do not.. but i own and operate the battle axe gym here in miami and although it’s the dream job, it can have it’s days… in truth, im still feeling Saturdays training but the early mornings and long nights of coaching too a small toll on my deadlifts.


Apr 2015 12

Like i said earlier (and i promise i’ll stop saying “like i said earlier ” eventually) this adventure will engulf more than just my training… this weekend, my job as a coach decided to take precedence on an event training Saturday… I was fortunate enough to have my squad train with me friday night… I felt really solid on the moving events.. speed is finally coming back .. Speed was something i was struggling with when i got fat for a canceled show… I’m STILL dealing with a bad hammy from December and currently fighting a bad groin on my left leg..nothing major but enough to give me some  “off days” ..saturday morning was  a struggle and i ended up calling it short with a lot of elbow pain… friday night and sat recap:


Apr 2015 15


the-ontario-black-wolf 2

Never the easiest task… training in itself seems to be a constant demon for most people.. but let me direct this entry to those animals who live and breath the iron.. chances are they might be the only people reading this or people who know me…oooorrr people who think i’m awesome (you’re my favorite)…. many of us don’t have the luxury of having that training squad, that spotter, that late night verbal pusher or the high five bro-cat (Bro Cat ) to fist bump after a mean PR… i’ll direct your valuable attention to many moons ago when MDLP was a baby mdlp… 185 pounds of muay thai spirit…


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