Mar 2014 18

Quick vid on elbow tendonitis and pains… common amongst most heavy lifters and strongman.

Mar 2014 20

Nice link to a female strongman who answers her most common questions on her blog.

Mar 2014 31

Solid video of some of my training the last 3 months… all these are a collection since 1/18/14.. 3 comps in 2.5 months and 3 great adventures

Strength is everything


Apr 2014 16

Some ideas for eating during competition… this is mostly geared for strongman but i have found that its a pretty nice off season diet as well

Apr 2014 22

i think Clint says it best.. using these lifts as a warm up or finisher is what i plan to do… i have always said i needed more mobility and so.. i will begin to add the clean and press/jerk to my workouts as i grow more mobile..

Strength is everything


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