Jan 2016 15

If you’re working in lagging muscles and strengthening the posterior.. give this short and sweet accessory workout a go.

– lat pull down 4 x15 (wide grip)

– lat pull down 4×15 (narrow grip)

– super set: 3 sets of barbell row x15/facepulls x20

– seated cable mid row 3×15

– banded pull ups 4 x max



Mar 2014 05

Still feeling the weekend on my back Tuesday so my plan to go 5×3 was quickly shot down to 10×1… whenever i feel joint pains or muscle tightness i drop the reps down and keep the total volume the same or higher… still prepping for a power lifting meet this month..so i want to keep my numbers solid as i try to beat my 1435 total

  • Squats 10×1 with 100# in chains
  • 1 burn set with 315# and 100# in chains
  • Speed Deads (off of 4 mats) 10×1
  • Deficit Deads 3×8 on 4 mats

Strength is Everything


Feb 2014 24

Been battling a few aches and pains the last couple weeks… mostly old pains i have come across during mid training cycles… elbow tendonitis and shoulder pain seem to be a constant for me so working the log press has been a little bit of a battle… finally stacked up some boxes and mats and had them high enough to just work the Log press without the clean..picked it right off the right box height and went to town..despite a slow start and taking 3 attempts..i hit 300 finally and left home a very happy man..

  • Log press 5×1
  • Log press for reps at about 75-85% 2×4
  • Log Split jerks for speed 5×2
  • D-Bell Floor Pause Press 3×20
  • Band Push down (gray to orange band super set) 3×10/10
  • D-bell Curls 4×15 (light to flush some blood in the old muscles)
  • Face pulls 3×20

Strength is Everything


Feb 2014 20

Shoulder is giving me all sorts of goodies…and the arthritis in my elbows are at an all time high … Not the best of training days but ended up with high total volume and moved around the steel… stupid elbows… i stuck to singles to avoid further shoulder irritation

  • Bench 20×1 (315# ..stayed light and worked new technique and pause pressing)
  • Log clean and press 10×1
  • Kill My Self

Strength is everything


Feb 2014 14

After a wed. of serious body building… i felt hungry for some bench..with a couple of power lifting meets on the horizon..i want to start having much more confidence in my basic lifts

  • bench 5 x 2 (hitting a PR at 365)
  • close grip bench (with slingshot) 3×12
  • Z press 5×5
  • incline D-Bell press 3×30
  • 3 sets of -Lateral Raises x15/band push downs x 20

Strength is everything


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